The Ministry of Defense reports that King Abdul Aziz's Army College has 29 functions


The Ministry of Defense says there are 29 jobs at King Abdul Aziz Military College Saqr News, expressing the agreement we are doing; show you. The Ministry of Defense reports that there are 29 posts at King Abdul Aziz College, which has 29 appointments at Abdul Aziz Military College College. Press Release and start with the top news, the Ministry of Defense reports that King Abdul Aziz Military College has 29 jobs.

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The Ministry of Defense today announced that vacant civil works will be obtained at Abdul Aziz Army College and who wants to participate in the " competition. Those who wish to apply must review the conditions set before each post.

1- Behavior and behavior.

2 – obtained the necessary qualifications and conditions for each work as defined for it.

3 – legal limits, or penalties, or sentences of imprisonment are not convicted for more than one year or conviction and penalties in any of the following crimes:

Bribery, miscarriage, prevention, smuggling or drug or alcohol promotion, or convicted of at least one year of completing his or her penalty or rescuing it.

Those who have these conditions need to include the required documents: (Academic Certificate – National Identity – Curriculum Vitae – a valid service statement for the jobs required). Complete the closed form and send to: [email protected]

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Saqr News, Ministry of Defense tells us that there are 29 jobs at King Abdul Aziz Military College, we continued on social network sites on our site to get new news on a permanent basis.

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