The singer of the Massari world shows the situation of Amr Diab from his song "Habibi Ya Nour Al Ain" (Video)

The singer World Massari has been licensed by Amr Diab before re-opening the song "Habibi Ya Nour Al Ain" for the stage, with the participation of Lebanana Maya Diab, and singer Fresh Montana san t world.

During his meeting with his & her; "show show time" camera, Masary said he chose to re-sing "Habibi Ya Nour Al Ain" directly because it is the only Arabic song listening to his youth in Canada.

Amr Diab's song "Habibi Ya Nour El Ein" (Video) is broadcast by the Egyptian 24 search engine and was removed since it came from the source (Al-Fajr newspaper) # 39; expressing the scene of the site or politics of Freedom, but the news and health of its original newspaper, Al-Fajr newspaper is the responsibility of.

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