Today's Student of Students – with students who are infected with influenza Acute infection in their schools

Public schools published warnings about influenza virus exposure (A) among the students, and ask them to take their own vaccination, when they received a "Emirates Today" complaint from students confirming that they had been given an influenza virus to their children as a result of communicating with colleagues in the school that was converted, "The lack of control that impedes students to attend school before they return to infringement among the students." The Department of Health confirmed in Abu Dhabi that the virus is one of the most common species in this period of year.

She urged all members of the community to start at six months, and # 39; Seasonal flu vaccine once a year, saying that it is free of charge in the health centers of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) for residents and citizens.

In addition, Al-Emarat Al-Youm students confirmed that the school's health programs have been suspended on a & # 39; deal with the nurse or her / her; nurse with the sick student only and does not include a gradual continuity of the students, indicating that the patient has been detected after the disease has been circulated around Examining classroom.

Mother Al-Sayyed, a student mother, said that her daughter, who is learning in a private school in Abu Dhabi, has begun to increase significantly after returning to school about four hours. She started complaining about her neck with a cough, saying she went to the doctor's Hospital Days, after being confirmed and confirmed that it is banned by influenza A. virus.

She said she found it through the family of her class parents whose daughter is learning that her / her / her / Flu spread throughout the school, and one of the students was injured and moved to the rest of his / her; class students, saying they did not find the student's injuries until school day. For school clinics.

A mother of students, Maram, said she had to stop her child from going to school for a week after receiving a letter from school reports on the spread of influenza, they would need the baby to vaccinate and stop the wounds to attend before they come back, saying that their parents made their decision, About the wounded students.

Talib's mother, Mayada Ahmed, confirmed that her son had been fluent from school and had been converted by her brother, two years old who had to go to hospital.

Students reported that their children had a flu due to communicating with students who were not hampered by parents from their parents. go to school or go to school to make the necessary provisions, and note that the virus was hiding among other students.

Nurses, Nadia Serraji, Kadija Nouri and Amel Hassan confirmed that the school nurse continues to go straight, through visits to classrooms, as well as a straightforward inspection of the class teacher and complaints from the the students themselves, a & # 39; shows the presence of intra-school disease infections This is the result of communication between students and the reason for changing temperatures, but schools are not a philosophy.

They also ask for sensory speeches for adults and young students to experience the importance of infection prevention measures, based on manual hygiene and personal hygiene, taking pre-care during intergenerational intervals between temperatures and temperature change, and stressing the importance of Health and the Ministry of Health and Community Protection are the long term vaccines.

Director of the Abu Dhabi Health Department, Dr. Omniyat Al-Hajri suggests that there is a disease in seasonal disease, because influenza virus activity is increasing by temperatures; winter falls and things are wrong; begin to expand, saying there is disease. Infectious diseases are caused by breathing air movements when they are infected. coughing, tightening or dying; including virus. In addition, contact landowners or substances that are contaminated by a & # 39; virus, and then affecting its & # 39; mouth, nose or eye, resulting in disease.

A virus of a flower is one of the most common species in the Middle East section during this time of year. As a result of the rapid spread of disease, each year vaccine is the most effective way to prevent disease or problems, as well as healthy habits such as hand hygiene and mouth cover And a nose during casualties or streams.

"There are 200 virus types that cause cold and common cold, as well as viruses that cause seasonal flu, a vaccine protects many types of movement, and prevents a & # 39; reduce problems, but do not prevent their vaccination from the generalized discovery in this time, Doing most children's injuries ».

She explained that the Department implements a number of programs and health awareness programs in schools to prevent the spread of disease, including a sense of awareness campaign. Flu through the media and social media and government centers, where the campaign started this year in early September, and how the policy was put in place to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Nurses and school nurses. This includes reporting to the Department about cases of contagious diseases (including flu), through the electronic recording system or direct communication with the Department of Health staff , and the training of nurses and school nurses every year on how latt treats infectious diseases, the ways in which illness and prevention.

For the reasons for immunization of her & her; influenza in schools, and attempting students to apply for the license to be used; if they have a vaccine if there is a health obstacle, Al-Hajri stressed that the Health Department is promoting through the community awareness and awareness campaign. flu (children and adults), starting at six months old A seasonal flu vaccine can be taken once a year.

"The Department of Health has not received any complaints from the Health Department of this season for fluorescence treatment in schools. If it is, the department will study the ecological studies, make sure Confirmative issues and provide casual cure for those who are most likely to cause problems. In addition to the immediate awareness of vaccine at the nearest health center, as the first way to prevent flu big.


Types of viruses that cause cold and common cold.

Ceumannan to prevent spread of disease

Director of the Abu Dhabi Health Department, Dr. Omniyat Al Hajri, four steps that need to be followed by schools to ensure student safety and to prevent the spread of any disease, including the implementation of a & # 39; A policy to prevent the spread of partner diseases in schools through nurses and school nurses, (Acute flu) through the electronic registry system, hygiene practices, such as hand hygiene, mouth and nose when there is a ban or a stream, a & # 39; stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever has passed, and not to go to school if the student is injured Or Have an eye on the disease of his / her disease, as well as to & # 39; flu vaccine.

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