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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, for the first time, takes up the 3.5 mm tail slot which will give some of their favorite users some use of their wireless wireless header to music, videos and games. Entertainments, British media.

According to the British Express, this coming only four months before the start of this phone, which is expected to provide first-time benefits on a device within a family Note Note.

The variation, if it fell out of the light and reached the users in the business of Notte 10, would be the second suggestion that it would include on board the device. new, and thought that all your adult buttons will leave to give interactive messages to the phone. t With rubbing, until the same weight is applied to the response in a symbol of vibrations.

She explained

“So the company will be able to make their device as much water and dust. "

Earlier, media in Korea said Samsung would submit a phone call with family phone calls to the middle of class A which is due to be launched this year.

British newspaper "Daily Express" reported that Samsung had recently restored the new version of Galaxy S10, noting that it has more older versions of the versions.

The new phone has been a lot better than the old versions, the paper said.

Backup camera, a larger battery, faster gear and other tape technology use rejection technology.

Owners of the older versions of the phone, such as the Galaxy S9, were shocked by how their phone prices went down.

"It means they will lose a lot if they want to sell their phones for the latest phone," she said.

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