Unsuccessful things can be deleted immediately

It is unfamiliar with what causes damage to the gold or what to avoid to protect, especially because it can not be done; Thinking that it can harm the gold in particular and on general health, although it wants to improve health.

In a short file, WebMD provides a list of the most important items that should be avoided to protect the gold from destruction:


Eating many sugars do not harm the teeth, but they can also damage the river, because this member is a " Using a single type of sugar known as fructose, to make fat, but a lot of delicate sugars and high-sensitivity cereals syrup can cause liver diseases.

Some checks show that sugar can harm its & # 39; liver, such as alcohol, even though the person is not too heavy. This is important for reducing foods with added sugar, such as soda, pasta and sugar.

2 – plant improvements

The herbal provisions may even be unsuitable for some people even though the packs have the symptoms that they are "normal". For example, some herbs called Kava Kava are used to address the symptoms of their needs, or to help them relax. But surveys show that the herb can be & # 39; preventing her / her from working correctly. It can have a great light and failure. Therefore, some herbal populations have stopped using them.

3. Obesity

A loss collection is a lot of losing cells in the liver cells that have a non-alcoholic sedimentary disease (NAFLD). As a result, the frog can sink, and over time, it can harden and cause scratching the device (what doctors call cirrhosis). People with NAFLD are more likely to develop middle-sized illness, especially if they are too heavy or fat. The NAFLD disease can be prevented by maintaining healthy eating and exercise.

4. Expansion plus vitamin A

A body needs a vibrant A, and it's great to find it from fresh fruit and vegetables, especially red, orange and yellow.

But when you provide buildings with a high dose of bombamine A, it can cause a problem. Advice should be given to a doctor before you add vitamin A as it may not be necessary.

5- Food drinks

Research shows that people who drink enough soft drinks are more likely to develop a non-alcoholic, non-alcoholic (NAFLD) disease, even though there are no direct investigations; show that soft drinks are the cause.

6. Acetaminophen

Some people feel pain when they are in a position; feeling back pain, headache or cold. But be sure to take the appropriate dose and safe, as if it happens to bloody and give up to eight changes in acetaminophen, it can harm the liver. Check the correct data and review the combinations of medicines that may be given in a day. The same medication can cause the same medication and other flu and so harm.

7- Gathan different

It contains gardens containing salted groses in some packets and bottles, Include the "hydrogenation" sections on the package and packet. By eating too much high food, unsaturated fat, pressure on weight, one of the shortest ways to harm the liver. Be careful not to eat any food and make sure what stuff is there, even though they are; Remember that they have "gel" grain of unsaturated gum, as the smallest number can continue to increase body stress.

8. General error

If a doctor or nurse has been threaded with a thread that was already used to another patient. Or if a group of people, who are involved in illegal drugs, share the same cloth. The needle is not the problem but the blood virus C spreads through the blood. One is only enough for someone to be exposed to serious risks such as HIV or virus virus virus C. All medical exams and exams should be consistently used to ensure they do not have an infection.

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