Vaccinating viruses can kill supernatural bacteria – Politics

ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Superhero bacteria, not antibiotic antibiotic bacteria, are a major driver of doctors around the world, but a group of scientists have found unexpected solutions that can help by eliminating the bacteria,
According to the new virus virus
The "bacterium" is able to eat bacteria. And prepare
Bacterium is the most common living defect in the ground.
The virus is different from "pathogen" for viruses that cause diseases such as influenza and Ebola,
As it does not hurt people, but her job is limited
For "eating bacteria", according to the survey
Published by Daily Mail newspaper,
Yesterday named Britain's newspaper.
But these viruses do not eat all types of bacteria. Each bacterium consumes a unique type of fuels, and so doctors will; The design of these remedies depends on each disease. At this time, this treatment method was not useful but in specific areas.
Critics say this way is still more effective than regular antibiotics. Viruses that leave the system quickly, so they are only a little ineffective.
Despite these complaints, a California-SA University pilot program has used bacteriostatic viruses to deal with people who do not hope successfully in other ways, and scientists have already succeeded.

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