Ventolin and Ricanyl «Siorup, geology and spray» are safe

«Health»: Ventolin and Bricanyl «Siorup, pill and spray» drugs … safe

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Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health to monitor cure and food Dr. Abdullah Al-Bader that medical medicine protocols change from one doctor to another and from another hospital

He said that Ventolin and Bricanyl medications have a medication for a bronchial expansion and is available in spray, drink and grain form, which is safe and effective when they are properly used and that a large amount of & 39; a patient who can not & # 39; using sprays and gums, so they need to use those drugs with mouth like a drink and a grain.

Al-Bader said that it was based on the report issued by a meeting of the Pharmacovigilance and Safety Working Group to monitor the safety of medicines and medical supplies that were collected in Kuwait, which was held in -diugh the drugs mentioned above are still registered and traded locally, regionally and globally. Find any reports of any adverse effects, effects or interactions of drug related drugs, or ineffective communication from any local, regional or global body.

He stated that "Article 1 is based on Newsletter 108 of 2018 issued by the Health Minister's Deputy Director for managing procedures for removal and his & # 39; the removal of medicines and medicinal products, which say that the registration and control department of medicinal and plant remedies depends on the removal of any product material in Kuwait, so it is the right way in Such issues indicate the relevant authority (regulation control and control of medicinal and plant remedies) for any problems related to safety, safety, efficiency and the quality of remedies.

The Directorate for the Registration and Control of Medicines and Plants and its Medical Information Committee provided that all citizens and residents have regard to facts disseminated through social media sites and to obtain information from the official sources them.

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