Video .. Shahid's father: a cart called "martyr" is assigned to many destinations and the answer was horrible.

Shahid's father published Sunday that the minister had put a visit to every civil status division in the presence of a car to serve every family in the martyrs.

Father of the party's father when he met the “HE citizen: program The Minister visited the car-park civic groups to serve the families of survivors and needs help to reassure their families). urgent action required by these requests.

Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Abdulrahman bin Mohammed al-Shahrani, Shahid's father, that the martyrs' card is described as "orphanage" as it is just in the Armed Forces Hospital.

He also mentioned that he had built on the mart at the airport and the Civil Service Bureau and a number of organizations, and that the response was horrible, where he would take the card and turn it and locate answers are made for hospitals.

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