Watch … Features to film the third part of the "Kalbsh" series (Photos)

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Watch the scenes of the third part of the "Kalbsh" series (Photographs) of the site of the day, Sunday 18 November 2018.

Egyptian amateur began to film Amir Karara; His first "Kalbash 3" series in Lebanon, after completing the 30-day arrangements. A & # 39; The first drama film that was filmed in Ramadan 2019, First and Second, written by Baher Duidar, and led by Peter MimiSouth Westerly

Last Thursday, Emir Karra traveled to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, along with director Peter Mimi and director of Hussein Esr's designer and Baher Duidar musician, to film the first week of work, which lasts a week.

The film director Peter Mimi published the first picture by Amir Karara from filming scenes. first scenes of the series, reporting "Kalbash 3 Salim Al Ansari"

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