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"Watsab": a new feature to reduce split messages

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The latest version of Watsab's claim has shown that the service is trying to create a new feature which aims to reduce inappropriate news coverage and reduce rumors in a broad and speculative way.

WABetaInfo, who are involved in monitoring the trial advantages of the Wattab application on Android and AOS systems, said the Android 2.19.86 version of Android and for IOS have become a feature in "more common messages" or "frequently sent messages" in groups, which are analyzed in 2.19.80 versions.

With the latest 2.19.97 version, launched on Saturday, WatSab has started to try and create a new feature for the organization that allows frequent messages to be distributed to the organization.

The website said that the new option would appear in the future within the organisation's options, and that it will only be seen by group administrators. The option appears as "Overflow messages", from which the feature is defined as "Select allowing frequent messengers to send messages to this group" and at basis of "Allow" and "Disable".

According to WABetaInfo, the feature of sending large messages is currently unavailable in the app version of the app on an Android system only, and it didn't appear in the system version of this system. IOS network for Apple's smartphones.

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