Week tended – If your son is in school and has a cold … know what to deal with


The cold of infections is common during autumn and winter, and are more common in places such as schools, which cause the spread of disease among children, causing feeling that they are infected. feel and show other symptoms such as a nose and a cough that is; Growth and other symptoms that need cure, so we know in the next lines The most important information about coldness among children in the winter, according to the site Terms of UseSouth Westerly

Fluenza distribution methods are:

– Direct address with a person with disease, through the hand as well as affecting others, spreading her; virus, and indirect dialogue and this means to & # 39; affecting something as a game or device or device used by a person with a disease, and discharging some of the air in the air when the patient is Patient or sneeze.

Swine flu markers

Runny nose and stream.

– Casad.


– Moderate reduction of neck.

Call the place.

– A feeling tired.

– Light fever.

A flu virus causes great fever, cough and pain in the body.

Swine handling of children

Parents should go to the doctor, who then investigates and gives them the appropriate remedy, and follow some suggestions such as:

– Have a child leaving school to go to; relaxing with enough door and small food and a cluster.

– Check the child's temperature, and when the higher level needs to contact the doctor so that there are no health problems.

– Do not give the child a ban and a cold without going to her; mentions the doctor.


Methods to protect the child from cold:

– Wash your hands after coughing, & # 39; stream or delete your nose.

– Wash your hands after talking to someone with cold.

– Do not participate in cups and appliances or tuberculosis that the patient will have; used.

– Make sure your child gets a flu vaccine.

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