Word "November 18" in Ahmed Helmi and Mona Zaki .. The groom was rejected


Ahmed Hilmi and Mona Zaki are among the most successful in the art world, and one of the most beautiful and beautiful stories of their appearance in 2002, this year, they have been married to this year.

Amazingly, the story about the love and the marriage is that the present day is November 18, both of them, so the Citizens' Gate provides a picture of a trip Mona Zaki's love and her husband, Ahmed Hilmi

His first love is from the first eye

Ahmed Hilmi met his wife Mona Zaki when they met in the office of producer Mohammed Fawzi, who invited them to take part in a film. Ahmed Hilmi said when he saw Mona for the first time he fell in love with you from the first sight.

After this meeting they became friends and closer together, and I loved more about my dream for more Mnni, but he was frightened with his feelings.

He watched her from a long time to see if he was already changing the same feeling or was just a friend, and although he had noticed his own interest, he was still scared.

Helmi decided to recognize her love for Menni when she was traveling to a African film, where Helmy was scared to go to her. worrying the arts and brought him down. He agreed to talk to her and explore her feelings and asked her to come forward.

Indeed, Hilmi went to his father Mona Zaki and sent for her marriage. But her father asked to have a marriage degree suspended until he was passionate about the time of his daughter.

When Hilmi was involved in more than one movie and the circumstances he was doing, Better, he went to her father again and agreed.

Path barriers

After marrying, they married Lili's first daughter, in 2003, and after a while Salim gave him, and her third son was born, Yunus, who was born in the United States, because my brothers were hard work due to cancer. Mona Zaki was heavy but he was willing to travel with Ri side.

Comments showed love

It is not the case of the one that is the process show how great a relationship with each other and the lasting support for some of them has many beautiful scenarios, including:

When Mona won the Best Actress Prize for her "The Walls of the Moon" film at Arab Film Awards, she heard her name as long as she was. hurried to her husband, Ahmed Helmi. Tamer Habib is waiting to finish her and then to going to attack the prize.

In one of the rare rarities, the media hosted Hala Sarhan in the & # 39; "Hala Shaw" program on Valentine's Day before they married, and Ahmed Dabdoub hosted Muna Zaki.

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