Saul Niguez defended David de Gea after a bad performance


Saul Niguez defends David de Gea after his 28th birthday; Old age has recently been criticized, with the Atletico star saying that the M.U warden is a star in La Roja.

De Gea is in bad shape

Spain had disappointed when they visited Croatia on their behalf. Fourth series of League A Nations, lost 2-3 in a & # 39; last minute. After being lost to England, La Roja followed her & # 39; get lost. There is a failure in Croatia that it's impossible for Spain to register for the National Cup in the summer.

Saul Niguez defended David de Gea after a bad performance

De Gea was distributed after 2-3 Spanish missions to Croatia

David de Gea was criticized Much after the Spanish defeat against Croatia. At the base of La Roja, the situation does not hold a member of the 28-year-old players to Jedvaj ice on her; stone to help with a full-owned homework of 3 points.

De Gea is in bad shape in the national team. At the 2018 World Cup, he was one of the worst keepers, after the Russell M.U star star that still did not get back.

From the 2018 World Cup, Daibhidh de Gea saved only 45.8% of the visit in a telephone shirt (11/24). With this bad record, the 1990-born star could lose his place in Kepa's hands. According to Mark, Enrique's coach Kepa used in the game between Spain and Bosnia tonight.


Niguez protected De Gea

Saul Niguez defends David de Gea after having been 28 years old has been criticized for the lack of a recent style, and Atletico's star still has a " find out that the keeper is over M.U, an important star in La Roja.

Saul Niguez benh vuc De Gea

Saul Niguez defends De Gea

"When you criticize De Gea, you and I must certainly take responsibility for Spanish players. I think it's not right to criticize it. Of Gea still playing hard, I understand their effort. "

"De Gea is one of the best visitors in the world, he is still trying to develop himself. I do not think he has a lack of confidence, that a real person De Gea's good and generating advanced energy for the team. I think it's better next time. "

Le Huong (TTVN)

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