Saulic had dark chains? Three months before he died, he edited a will


According to the Serbian media, the Šaban Šaulić musician is expected to die a few months before he died dark, who told his wife that I would like to make a devolution.

Music Šaban Šaulić, who died in a car accident at 68, after returning from the concert, according to the Serbian media, he had had three months before leaving bad adverse effects. The source is for Serbia telegraphHe said the musician had been disturbed recently and with feelings that something bad would happen in a long time. & # 39;One morning she's each other; there Gordano Request to call a family lawyer. He told her that he was not feeling well for a long time and would like to have a & # 39; devolution gathering,"said the source, saying that his wife was then thinking Shaban was laughing and that there was a lot of time for the devolution collection.

The late singer Šaban Šaulić and each other Gordana ŠaulićPHOTO: Proipies

& # 39; & # 39;He asked that he had done this, and Gordana had no choice to respect his desire. The test was done in their home, & # 39; & # 39; put it up.

Šaban Šaulić had been devolved for three months before his deathPHOTO: Proipies

According to foreign media statements, Šaulić, in her will, said her husband, worth a million euros, her companion of Gordana, left a house in the Serbian settlement Krčedin for grandchildren and three children in Belgrade. & # 39; & # 39;The devolution was created in the brides of the bride. Shaban then stressed that his wife leaves a town in which she can live for life, and then her children and grandchildren are possessed. He left home in Krčedin to his grandsons, and divided three houses in Belgrade between his three children: Mihaila, The Ildo there Sanelo, The"He wants Serbia telegraphexplain the source mentioned above.

It was expected that Shaban would have a weight in his will that the house on Dedinje and the house and house in Krčedin should not be sold by his long-lived descendants. They can do what they want to do their rooms. In addition, the control of all financial assets in the current accounts agrees to; wife, but it was expected to save more than 500,000 savings.

At the same time the house was in Krčedin, who owned an estate with his grandchildren, a peace-house and rest. Then Saban spent a large part of his free time. His companion, who was very sad by the news about his death, had a very good idea of ​​the deceased. & # 39; & # 39;We would do Shaban to do it; from the beginning of March to the end of October. He had two boats for fishing. Krčedin is still talking about how he finally catches a 25-pin catfish. Every good time he was caught, he was invited to a grilled party. It was natural. He would share word,"It's for Serbian Blic Shabanov's neighbor from Krcedin, who still can not believe that the 67-year-old is no longer.

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