Sausage sites and omega-3 will reduce the risk of prejudice


NEW YORK (Health Reuters) – Women who are pregnant should increase the amount of omega-3 polyunsaturated omega-3, omega-3 flavors to reduce the risk of prejudice, according to a survey recently done.

The results of the survey, published in the November magazine of the Systematic Review Database, show that the cause of death among children under the age of five is an early birth. ages all over the world, describing nearly 1 million deaths annually.

Children who are born in advance are at risk greater than a range of long-term situations, including poor sight, delayed growth and learning difficulties.

"Most of the depths are 38 to 42 weeks," said Dr Philip Middleton, professor of the Australian Medical and Health Research Institute (SAHMRI). "Preterm children are born before 37 weeks, and early, Death and ill health".

The researchers closely reviewed their impact; at long-fat acid acids and omega-3 fat acids and the place to reduce the risk of prejudice, especially DHA, and EPA in salted fish and fish oil supply.

The researchers showed 70 random tests and found that women who were pregnant with long-term salted acids and omega-3 fat extracts were more than a risk of 11% death before "from 134 per 1000 to 119 per 1,000 birthdays "Reduce the birth rate of a baby" less than 34 weeks "by 42%" from 46 per 1000 to 27 per 1000 births ".

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