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SAV, Sanskrit Academy of Sciences

Academy of Saxon Sciences

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The Academy of Health Sciences (SAV) Board discusses spelling can be a harmful activity. "It does not matter what type of work it does, whether simple software was at the time of creating, so that the original work was to be verified, whether it was needed used by law or other regulations, or whether mail-makers at the time were common use in their or not workplaces. Spelling was in and always the scam, "he says SAV.

The Board of Societies of Learning Society remembers there are letters
Use the results and the opinions of others without giving appropriate reference
their origin. "It breaks the original author's rights. Plagiarism
in the academic world, it is an incredible attempt in the author; methodology to apply
destroy how it leaves by & # 39; unequally cast out the origins of the product
research, scientific or certificate work, or in design and
investigate, "to emphasize the Council.

He says he gets academic titles through fingerwriting
in the case of politicians, who directly support the reluctance of society in the state.
"Legislation should withdraw / withdraw the academic title's permission,
scientific science-certificates and scientific level found fraudulently, "he writes
longer than his opinion, his Council.

At the same time, he asks how the leader, supervisor, enemy and opponent can
the commission will not get it as a laptop. "It's like they're not
Professionals are enough, or not because of their knowledge
Assessing the work time, or because they are coming to work
formal. One, the other one and the third is just a bad one, "the Council explains.
It is essential to everyone who participates in their protection
process, they agreed to the knowledge and responsibility they needed
have considered the origins of the work.

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