Savings have reduced dramatically from January: Draghi will be stealing seven billion savers – my money


Tagesgeld, a savings account & throwing away from years gone by. But now it's getting worse!

Since inflation has risen again, savers are losing money on the low line. According to the calculation by Comdirect Bank, the automatic rate of savings on savings following inflation was inflated by 1.21 in the first quarter of 2019.

Savings like that were then lost in the first three months as much as 6.9 billion euros.

"Low falling low-level inflation rates are continuing to reduce in value of savings," explains Comdirect Chief Executive of Arno Walter.

To increase dangerous inflation in the euro, the money authorities around the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Dragi, have made cheap money. The key interest rate has always been low at zero per cent for a long time. For the eurozone, the ECB is aimed at medium-term inflation just under 2.0% – long enough from the zero mark.

However, the rate of inflation in Germany fell to the lower level in less than a year in March. Consumer prices were 1.3 per cent above the same month last year, the Federal Statistics Office said. T In April 2018, the level was also 1.3 per cent. It had risen during the year, before it blew again.

Prices that are low or low prices can result in companies and consumers being eliminated. That is reducing the economy.

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