"Sberbank" launched a huge investment rate


As much as the bank is higher, it offers investment levels for all its customers, and their trust and confidence will not be able to return the license suddenly tomorrow not always in the future. Sberbank is the most famous and most famous bank in Russia, which makes it better to become more and more affluent, indeed. Now, in times of economic crisis, it is very difficult to do so, so this institution of credit must go to big steps.

This launching new event has a huge degree of interest, indeed, with the standards of Sberbank, and in the # 39; Most of the small banks will be much higher. A new grant called "Catch Benefits" can be opened to March 31, 2019, that is, it's advertising. This can be done independently through a personal account of the official website of the credit station, by demand for smartphones, or in offices or ATMs throughout Russia.

However, within a new investment framework, invest money for 5 months, the rate is 7.1% annually, and at 12 months, at 7.5% annually. If you are investing money in Sberbank under the new money for 18 months (1.5 years), the rate of 7.65%, that is, these are the largest available. The minimum number of money is for investing 50,000 rubles, and all interest is paid at the end of the term. So if there is one and a half years to invest 5 million rubbish, the profit will eventually be about 575 thousand rubles.

Your main time is to open the archive by 31 March, 2019, to, and # 39; Enter his / her instant directly with a & # 39; most money. It will be impossible to bring its money forward in the future, as well as withdrawing money back to a degree. The Sberbank credit group can ensure that this investment is profitable, and so it is Counseling is used to all customers who want to free and regularly receive money from receiving their income, Allows to pay the deposit at the end of the term.

Earlier, Sberbank spoke about the horrors that await all Russians in 2019.

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