Scandal at the time of the case at the Apud Turkish


Petitional football football was found of the Originaries of the interior: Claudius "The Turk" next Monday. The player decided to take his own life.

The suicidal man whispered Bahía Blanca, his own home. Today there were scenes of violence and the final tension of the fire. Due to the staffing stop of the town cemetery, The relatives can bury the old man in a good time.

Friends broke into the town to get a response from the authorities. Orlando Apud, Claudio's father, could not keep her fiercely and she could. ask the First Hector Gay to solve the # 39; immediate question.


Next, a mid-player player was abolished from active football usage; Last March, who killed himself at the end of the new year, said police resources.
"The new year has received us with the sad news about leaving Claudio Apud, who wore our shirt in the Argentine A Competition in 2007. The Santamarina de Tandil club published in His account.


Born, the name of "Turkish", was born in Bahía Blanca on February 5, 1982 and had begun at the La Harmony club in that community.

Formerly as a professional football player, he played in the National B for Villa Miter, Santamarina de Tandil and Guillermo Brown from Puerto Madryn; Deportivo Madryn, Bella Vista de Bahía Blanca and Huracán de Ingeniero White in the old Argentinean A; and in La Harmony in Argentina B.

On May 29, 2006, he joined the visit to Villa Mitre in the final of Argentina A, a visitor, by San Martin de Tucumán, until then up to National B by a milestone, penal be baptized as? Ciudadelazo? for the bahienses.

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