Scandal in Dail – One of the final finals stole – A star home


It's just started, but sooner it will be clear again what Hungarian favorite song is this time and who will be a Hungarian beginner at the Eurovision Relay Song. Dann 2019's second half-finals was greatly shocked by turning and unexpected vitality.

In addition, since today's broadcast was released not only who went to the finals of the next week, but who was awarded a special prize with the professional jury "The Best Songs of the 2019 Song" . But unfortunately, woodland has been linked to pleasure, as one of the campaigns has been involved in delays.

Dail 2019 the second semi-finals

Gergő Szekér The line started with a song called Bird Flying. Hurried Nagy Gergő's talent was very interesting, and Miklós received the attractive result, although he said that the words still had to be done. Gergő got 43 points in total.

"Hogbies Bridges" Nomad's Orchid was very impressive with the jury, Miklós. The two people emphasized what the people had been developing from the first show. The jury judged to be represented by 28, as long as the listeners did; get 8 points.

Vincze Lilla According to Mucsok 1, the ears of puppets that left a deep view of her; They play them once in the heart of the spectators, because they are hard to use the interplaying sex and their; mix pop music with his / her classics. A song song was given by the jury with 31 points and the audience had 8 points rewarding.

Big Bogi wife Mike ran A very good and advanced criticism: Bogi – Tomorrow's songs were encouraged. The exhibition also welcomed other members of the jury: 34 points and 8 audiences. So Bogi got 42 points.

Gergő Oláh – After my representation, Miklós, the two, although he had difficulties with the structure of the songs, suggested that Gergő's delivery mechanism and personality were opposed to the shortcomings. Lilla Vincze had the same idea and considered the wonderful song. Gergő clarified 41 points.

Tímea Antal and Demko Gergő – A Shaoghal Dearbh! Feró Nagy loved her, but Szabó Misi thought a little bit on her. folk music. Sixth consecutive won a total of 38 points on the basis of the jury and audience votes.

Desert Desert Error about 40 points, and the jury declared how well he was. While the show Ruby Harlem won 38 points.

The last race, my dad Pope Joci He sang, and although he could close the field, he jumped to his / her; First place in a minute, which gets 45 points for its beautiful performance.

Endless and unexpected turn at the end of the show

So in the second half, József Pápai, Bogi Nagy, Gergő Szekér and the listeners sent their battles for Fatal Error. They participate in the & # 39; The first half-final of the last Saturday, the sounded Planet, Petruska, Gu Vavra Bence and The Middletonz.

Mátyás Szepesi awarded the best 2016 songwriting award. The final few minutes of the competition were unexpectedly converted, as one of the final actors had been different from theft. However, the end of the investigation does not know the case.

On 20 February, he is still able to vote for the song processing until midnight. page on the Acoustics menu. The winner will be announced in the final.

So much for the singer & Eurovision 94

Bayer Friderika His name was recognized by the country when he won the Dance Festival published by the Hungarian Television in 1994. Who do I tell me? He represented Hungary with a successful song at the Eurovision 1994 Gold Competition in Dublin, where the singer from Hungary was in a hurry. first final. The 22-year-old singer was then ready in his fourth place.

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