Scandal! Wanda Nara finished cycling on bull's crops


There were some videos that show Wanda Nara on the top of a bull, and have put your thoughts on networks.

We know that Wanda Nara always give up the note in social networks. In most cases he is due to his crosses with his old man, Maxi López; or for their contentive photographs, both with the diversity and redesign of Photoshop or their children in different situations.

The truth is this time Wanda Nara He did not only do it, and he removed a variety of amazing ideas among his followers (not all persistent) after meeting a series of videos and photographs where can see its & # 39; riding a bull.

In fact, it is a bull and not a bull of wine and blood, but that did not go away Wanda Nara The opportunity to attract attention among its fans. "My friends know how to place me a festival", Wrote the battle in one of the videos where she could see her dead, laughing, about falling.

The fatal description of Ivana Icardi with which he once again attacked Wanda Nara: "Calzón de …"

In fact, she looked like; in highlighting things Wanda Nara to move the bull: a white jump with an open opener, an Oxford style, something difficult for such a company!

"My friends did not have a better idea for this party"He also added Wanda Nara in one of the videos. A selection of pictures for a smile crack.

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