Scandal! Yanina Latorre showed the banned love at Nequi Galotti


Yanina Latorre communication again again Los Angeles in the morningwhen Angel De Brito He saw her a long while he was in. do wise movements to describe it Unbelief that opens Nequi Galotti and threw it out of the studio.

The program was then held Evelyn von Brocke I was talking about Nequi, and Latorre They started calling on camera focusing, and # 39; let me look at it the banned poet who was banned between herself and a known driver.

At that time, she asked them that they were aiming for, and through signs and motions, she praised "Nequi was in partnership with (Fabian) Doman"Angry, Angel gave her a challenge."Do not be happy, your partner is talking"Because I had to stop it Evelyn

Without patience, Angel came to her invasion, took her hand and pretended to throw her out. "You will stay in the corner; wait. Although Mrs. Evelyn is a & n; speak, He gave information, and he did not scratch like yourself", Connect the driver.


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