Scannal in the Superfinal: turn off the River Boca match to 18 – 24/11/2018


There was a great expectation to come in in the fright. Everything was going over. Even the security work for the Superfinal could not stop bad events, both inside and outside the Monumental memory.

"Due to the events of the Boca Juniors club bus, the game was suspended to 18", recites the Conmebol an official Twitter account.

The name is not known, although the picture is dark.

From Boca they have already informed the River and Conmebol that they are not in a position to play and play; game: Pablo Pérez, team captain and Gonzalo Lamardo, young people who were with the team, they were transferred to a hospital that was handled after the passive attack that suffered the Boca habitat when they reached the Monumental stadium. There were hammocks for rare, rare and many injured players.

Everything shows that, despite the aim of Conmebol to want to play later, that the Superfinal would not be played today.

Most of the desmadre was when the micro came with the campus Boca al Monumental. And from that time, around 15.20, when it was less than two hours before the big border began, b & # 39; Everything that was under way, disorderly and answering questions.

A group of fans started from the River that was waiting to get into the playground to & # 39; throwing knobs against the microwave of the visiting team. B & B was a voluntary area; There was no police that controlled that place near her; monument. No, but they were not effective. And they arrived to the area.

To try to spread the fans, the cure was worse than the disease. As the cops started to cast a rare gas and everything was done; get worse. The combo raised a non-representative icon: Boca players went into the goalkeeper With broken glass cuts and with breathing problems with the gauze.

The Superfinal, at that time, started at risk.

Several microwaves were broken; the driver dropped out of touch and saw a huge impact on many players.

Six players were moved and the jerseys were thrown into the singer: Carlos Tevez, Fernando Gago, Julio Buffarini, Agustín Almendra, Nahitán Nandez and Darío Benedetto.

The most likely Pablo Pérez is the best; wound a curtain in the arm and some of the chips helped on the left eye. Also the young person Gonzalo Lamardo, who is part of the list of good faith in the Libertadores Cup and accompanying him; River court group.

Pérez and Lamardo, after Boca and Conmebol doctors have been inspected, were carried out by ambulance to Los Arcos Sanatorium to carry out special checks.

The general secretary of his club, Christian Gribaudo, gave a deadly judgment on the situation: "All players are injured, so you can not play."

The inner circle of the Monumental stadium was converted into a hill. Leaders running from one studio room to the island. Memberships to circulate shared versions. And the obvious sense that they had not had the conditions to play a football game.

At the same time, in the street, the thousands of fans of the unexpected River began to worry and challenged the Police. There were many spectators with tickets available and they can not go into the field.

Inside the Monumental, the River President, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, went to Boca's changing room to find out about the situation. And there were also meetings with Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol and Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA.

At 16, once before the scheduled time, the five doctors of Conmebol who were present in the catching room met the wounded Boca, Angelici and Onofrio players to make the way co-ordinated, decide.

Due to a general uncertainty, CONMEBOL informed Twitter that the game was deferred until the 18th century. It seemed like it was more like a slap against the desire to play a & # 39; game is the effective decision.

Then growing the thatch has grown.

As the South American unit was to play the game, there is no. As the River was surrendered to the official word and the campus was preparing for its & start warming. And because of Boca the situation was strong: they could not and did not want to play after everything the team had suffered.

And, what details: the captain of Boca, Pablo Pérez, before that time he had already been handled at Los Arcos Clinic.

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