Scared, frantic, terrified: Mama watched Uber a & # 39; Driving with a 3 year old son


Ottawa's mother is Uber's career after she has looked at one of her cars. company was withdrawn by her three year old son.

Erika Godin, 32, told Uber about 5:30 p.m. His son, Mason, was given Thursday to a Christmas potluck at a day care near the Ottawa General Hospital area, about two kilometers from home near Thrèagha.

I never gave any words that he could think, "Hey, I'm leaving my son three years by car alone."– Erika Godin

When the car arrived, Godin Clachchair in the chair closed beside his purse and his dish, and closed the door and started walking around the other to get in.

That's when the car started to drive.

"It's just a terrible experience," said Godin. "Am I have to live here? Did I have to go after it?"

Godin said she caught her car and spent a short time, but the driver did not seem.

Ottawa's mother, Erika Godin, said that Uber's driver was away with her three-year-old son in a police & miscommunication & 0:35

911 calls

Then she remembered a new feature on the Uber app that will allow customers in the problem of calling emergency services. It's not long to talk to an 911 operator who kept on her; phone for more than 20 minutes while the police were in use to find the car.

The car crashed rapidly by the car – with Mason safe in the cathedral – near the original destination of Godin.

The 58-year-old driver was paid under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act by failing to ensure that children's passengers were properly retained.

Despite that he said a & # 39; Police said that there was a strange misconception between the driver and his mother; boy.

Godin is not satisfied with that definition however.

"I never gave any words he could think of," Hey, I'm leaving my son three years by car alone. "

Mason Godin's police were 3, safe and sound in the back seat of the car. (Provided)

Disagree, & # 39; Uber says

She said this was the experience she was scared of her life.

"That's the worst thing ever," she said. "You are so afraid and as frightening as you are."

She is also angry with her wonderful response from Uber.

"Uber has not been very well treated at all," she said.

In e-mail to CBC News, its travel travel company agrees with the # 39; Police said the event came from "unconnected".

"Such an experience could give a great weight to a parent," wrote the company.

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