Schaerbeek: he is taking his rifle in the emergency center Paul Brien



A battle started at the Schaarbeek hospital center this Saturday

A simple football match between women's teams is the basis of an event that can be finalized and deadly this Saturday at Schaerbeek at the emergency room at Paul Brien Hospital. A man who exhibited a firearm during combat in the middle of the emergency room at the hospital about 11pm

His first fight was held in & # 39; a football match when the game was not yet. Events that trigger & # 39; first broke and then the end of his game It takes place near the Bruxsel Docks supermarket in Neder-Over-Heembeek.

One person was injured during the decision. She went to Paul Brien's Hospital with her family. This is where things will become worse again.

The assistant that the other team entered in the hospital's emergency room showed while the person who was injured was in attendance; waiting for turning.

The man left the scene just before returning to a firearm. Then he was betrayed. The person would have given a specific target to people according to evidence. Follow a fight then. Police teams came to their place. There are five patrols in particular, although a police survey has happened long since the hospital. The police were able to recover the fire after raising their evidence.

The public prosecutor's office asked Brussels that there were five people who were suspected: A.A, born in 1969; M.D., born in 1969 and N.D., born in 1995, but also 2 people. The suspects were discharged after hearing. The facts are described as blows and / or similar wounds.

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