Schaffhauser Pleitier: Leu plays the building lion's rampant again


Marco Leu made his two construction companies close to the wall. More than 70 members of staff have no stroke. That's not the 37-year-old. The bankruptcy quickly established a new building company. It is whether this is legal, an expert in commercial law.

There are over 70 staff members with Leu Rüsi Bau AG on the road in Schaffhausen. The largest building company in canton is broken. Proximity of proceedings was opened. Garden company Gebert & Leu Gartenbau also has 13 permanent employees. And as BLICK shows, before the break broke, the last money was pushed into the bag.

Although his old staff do not know how to proceed, and creditors are waiting for money, Marco Leu (37) does not appear to make any recommendations. Indeed, the contractor appointed a new firm with 16 employees: BL Bau GmbH. Capital divided: 20,000 francs. The money comes from a private investor.

They're worried and they ask themselves: How can the banker just start two steep debts on a new company? “This is difficult to understand. However, from a legal perspective, Leu can start a new company. Bankruptcy does not bother, "said solicitor Schaffhausen Jens Onnen to watch.

I got the company from his father

To set up a company only three things: a capital of 20,000 mostly francs, a notarized journal of the articles of association and their entry into the commercial register, is only a three There's nothing else. "He can find his company again in the same industry in which he has gone in," said the lawyer.

with SMS Bounty failing a bad reputation

Some have said it is bad for the Leu Rüsi AG. More and more people were delaying delays and unpaid payments. And then there was a recent mail from Schaffhausen's tours. The anonymous author refers to the complaints in the biggest construction company in the area and does not allow Marco Leu to have good hair.

For the headteacher too much good. In a text message Leu will be lending money on the one behind the e-mail: "I presently offer 2500. for the author's publication. I thank you in advance. Lg Marco t Leu. »

When asked about this, Leu doesn't want to say anything to SMS. So: "In this context, it is not the problem, but people who can prosecute them without warning will be able to influence that person."

Onnen believes that Leu and her creditors continue to see some of their money. Several years ago his father was transferred to Marco Leu by his father. “However, people were allowed to get out of material, such as estates and lighthouses, such as vehicles and building equipment, so that the son had not passed, should still be in possession of a company. father. The broken company is now likely to be given renting the equipment, "said Schaffhausen. In plain English:" The method of bankruptcy is established for the absence of assets t , for nothing is to be gained. "

Baumeisterverband was without power

Leu Rüsi Bau AG is still a member of the Schaffhauser Baumeisterverband. Here, Leu, like the President of Walter Schnelli (67), has no debt. Immediately: "We had to find new businesses for two bricklayers as a result of bankruptcy cases," Schnelli. Here the society could help. There's nothing else.

“As a society, we don't have power. If we had got involved, we would have done that, "we told the society president. For a long time, Leu Rüsi Bau AG will not be part of the main building contractor." that would be discussed at our next meeting in May. But in this case, we will do this before, "Schnelli is clarifying.

Bitter: If the mills grew in Berne a bit faster, Leu couldn't start the next. Motion 11.3925 would have relied on this. Only: The applications from 2011 will be the law. Eight years ago, Hans Hess, then the Council of the United States of America, moved in. Destination: “People can no longer abuse the events of bankruptcy.”

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