Schalke 04: After 33 minutes against Bayern out: The Rudy crash – Bundesliga


He played 49 trips for German national teams, debated in the 2014 World Cup World Cup under the Jogi Löw (59) coach in the A team, and is 27 hours ago – u.a. in the win of the Confed 2017 Cup – they went ashore. But as brutal as he returned to Munich Sebastian Rudy (28) he was never abolished in a professional career over 11 years (beginning of 2008 / VfB Stuttgart).

Domenico Tedesco (33) coach changed FC Bayern mid player after just 33 minutes later.

The reason for his coach: "We were back (1: 2 / Anm.d.Red), because I wanted to do more aggressive, six on the field with Omar Mascarell. Basti was bad. It was an original, innovative decision. We've got too deep, we did not want that. "

Need JavaScript to play. Advertisement UK Play UK Forecast Last updated 12:03, Wednesday 12 Aug Please turn on JavaScript. Need JavaScript to play. But this is how he has "destroyed" an internationally experienced professional – and in the position of staff already on Schalke (six wounded) and before the European League's duel on 20 February against Manchester City. Rudy left the field without an eye link with his coach.

Mrs. Rudy; on 27 August, 2018 when a "king's settlement" was marked when he moved for 16.5 million barrels from Bayern to Gelsenkirchen (contract to 2022). But now Christian Heidel (55) even even good hair is not bought. Sports leader Schalke tough: "The boy is 18, but 28 and professional. He needs to play better and better football. We can not tell for another year that he is the turnover. "

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Photograph: Dennis Brosda

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Bruma (l.) He's in a duel with Gnabry (M.), Rudy is too far away from the musicPhotograph: Dennis Brosda

At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Rudy was introduced after 31 minutes. The difference: in the team game against Sweden Rudy was injured – and: without his / her; Germany threw the game out.

At Bayern, however, the game ran over. Rudy only played three taxis, and he could only win one. It was clear how often the international would have stopped without fighting …

Heidel misses Schalke's "Malocher" campaign: "There's just a little power and passion. It's a part of it with us. This may be a bit more Easy in Munich, if you usually have 70% of your property. Leinn, as Sebastian knows, he needs to change the game a bit. "

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