Scheduled General: Anyone who does not affect the President's investment decisions


JAKARTA, – Bambang Simarno, Managing Director and Head of Indonesia Poverty Management, Standard Banked Bank said that his political year would not have a " Stop repositories to take steps this year.

Accordingly, investments are likely to consider their & # 39; political year because they do not hear that they need to be scared to be aggressive in the market.

"Whatever the president, if we look, will not affect reputable or negative investors," said Bambang in Jakarta on 11/2/2019.

Bambang said, investors believe that his goal for Indonesia is just as good. Both couples are advocates to promote the economy, develop infrastructure, and sustain economic growth higher than in previous years.

"So they, researchers, seem to be more looking at economic foundations," said Bambang.

Bambang realized, it was also an uncertainty that was on the political year. But, to see its & # 39; Movement behind in the 2009 and 2014 presidential elections, the market's climate was good.

In 2009, the JCI's performance was over 20 per cent. As long as it was in 2014, performance was 40 per cent. It is also expected that the same performance will be good this year compared to previous elections.

"When the previous move was looked after, the president's election was really supported by the amount of election-related expenditure," said Bambang.

Together with external factors that are very positive, that is how increasing the level of deer rates slowly down and down; a trade war that started to decline. At the start of this year, stock performance was also better, which is more than 6,500.

"So we're hopeful this year, good bands "and that's getting better," said Bambang.

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