Schiff: Trump & # 39; a & # 39; courting the courts to protect national emergency


"This is the first time that a president has tried to launch a crisis when his / her Transport refused to make clear funding for a specific project that the President has made. recommend, "Schiff said on" State of the Union ".

"It's really appealing to the court to be struggling here," said California Democrat. "It will be a real test for my GOP colleagues in Congress and their loyalty to the institution."

Schiff, a post of the House Information Committee, has been a humorous audience about the decisions of both Immigrant President and how he dealt with the special investigation of Robert Mueller. Since the Democrats were most in the House of Representatives, Schiff has released new audits in terms of finance; President and business interests.

When CNN asked Dana Bash about any plans to authorize & # 39; Presiding President prescribed for national emergency, Schiff stated.

"The threat of the President, the danger to future Headquarters, is that we constrain the power of President to work when necessary," said Schiff. "But this president does not care about the future landlords, he does not care about himself."

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