School abuse in Neustift: a prison sentence taken to a pedagog to prison


By Reinhard Fellner

Innsbruck, Neustift – # MeToo debate was held in Austria after the opening of former Weirenigg Nicola Werdenigg, particularly in the ski sports environment. At the center, there were also young Tyrolean workers – the Neustift ski school and Schigymnasium Stams. While at Stams he continued to face violent rituals among students, such as the infamous “Pastern”, or that new students going to tooth teeth were forced into the dentist. T Neustift aimed to tackle sexual violence.

Thirteen people responded at the heart of the victim focus in state centers. A state expert commission then gave a final report to the prosecution. Conclusion: In Neustift he came to sexual violence and cross border paths, in Stams as well as events.

Due to the restrictions of the restrictions, only one accused person was charged with Innsbruck law. Infant breeding (now child abuse) criticized as a result of authority abuse, yesterday, children were 59 years after the posting of a storybook in the school system, the process has become to do. This resulted in the old coach and teacher at the Neustift ski school and latterly senior staff in the Department's School Council between 1996 and 1998 of one eleven to 13 years old. he was mistreated, treated badly through a mass of sport in the chest and in the generation field.

Because of a skiing love, the eleven-year-old girl had at one time had gone to Neustift. In October 1998, the girl left 13-years-old, then physically promoted Neustift – and he could not explain why, despite tears. She had appeared mentally on a psychologist due to new mental health problems, which continue to experience shocked and depressed attacks. During a #MeToo discussion (I realized I am not alone), the woman decided to go to the hat for years.

Gabriele Wörgötter, a psychologist, emphasized to the lady (At the trial, their statements were presented publicly under video) before the juryor was not only a scandal of a serious illness, but also a fact that their knowledge was based on knowledge. . Reports such as "I can remember his big hands" and the clinical picture are like victims of abuse – even after the memory of these years is not too detailed.

By contrast, the witnesses were very far apart. Some saw in the accused as an exhibition showman, who really asked a lot of the children, but gave away everything in person. All student families stood symbolically behind the educators and they were suspicious of the charges. Thus the old trainer, who also reported on major communication deficiencies (trainers, tutors, educators), in the old school system. Others commented that there was anonymity of anonymity and allegations – an investigation by an outdoor child protection unit. Even then – fit with the Tatzeitraum who was charged – it was about handling the girls' coach. Above all, questions reached deep in the secrets of young female athletes.

The accused proved he was right from the start to what extent he would have blamed – after 37 years of service for children and parents. The man was 59-year to remember the girl. He says it was possible for the tombs he said to be so local and temporary and that he drew it out in detail in the tight daily climate.

Nevertheless, the alderman believed the old student. "Indeed we didn't make the easy decision, but it passed the time past 20 years!", Senator Norbert Hofer said. The classical clinical image and the legitimate and non-exclusive description of the attacks had been a cause. However, the Assembly also noted that one was now active as a result of inappropriate behavior against the teacher.

For example, under a sentence of up to ten years in prison, which is not legally required, 30 months in prison, 20 are contracted. The victim received 5,000 payments in part by pain.

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