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In a small house located in a small road in the inner garden of St. Ninh's Catholic Church, there is a class called Happiness with wings going to front; class and students who come to love beautiful things. , learning to write, learning to write with her sister. In Tain Ninh, many generations have come here to write, create and write.
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In 1974, Suong started teaching. Since her learning, she had a strong passion for this topic and for Vietnam. When she was taught, she spent her love in lessons for students from the first Class 1 classes, until she graduated to higher classes at Ly Tu Trong Primary School.

In 1989, the Ly Tu Trong School was converted to secondary school, and the primary school was changed to Hoa Thanh Primary School. Ms Suong and some other teachers have been able to teach at the new school, and since then the name Su Suong has become famous throughout the department.

In 2005, Suong retired after more than 30 years in school. Remember a student, she opened a class at home to teach Vietnam, write her, create a beautiful one. Parents started to go to; Invitation to submit Required classes must be shared in several travels, several times a week. No class is available At age 66, Suo enjoyed his small classes. Children's staff HS, child labor, free children in schools. The child's doctor is also free. Every year, she also donates money, a & # 39; Moving her staff to help the hard teachers in the provinces. "It's not my teaching. The main thing I know is that they will stimulate their feelings. Study Vietnam, learn, and then learn how people, "she said.

Hours of learning

Ms. does not have room Suong to teach anything too high. Just learn their language, & # 39; sharing, writing, but the most distinctive class in the teaching or teaching method is not stimulating but as it is; teach the way to stay for students. It's about 10 minutes late at school, Suong often gives students time to teach how to walk, to say, she says … Miss Su says she is not a & # 39; Teach books but come from the stories of everyday life. children. First of all the food, she did not; Covering her mouth, she put on the "5 things that covered her mouth": coughing, gutting, and & # 39; cooling, and One day, her children stood out of not going to; throwing chairs at the table, I taught lessons about this. After lunch with a lock, put it on her; "cultural knock". Children & flow around, instruct her carefully, self-do. So she finished her teaching.

"Help children to explain what's right happiness. But it is happier to teach their children then, a few days after that. The parents said: "Learn their father's changes." Parents do not know how they teach children, but sometimes parents are going to bring children to school, as there are so-called grandparents, parents above the speakers, married. So she gave her children a military marriage, standing in front of their grandparents, and welcome them to parents. In the class, sandals should also suit HS porch, home too. It has a checklist for students and parents. Parents also identify what's going on; their children do just what he tells you. "I teach children, both children and parents are & # 39; belong to everyday life, "she gave.

Ms Suong said, "Why do you name your class Shàilleas? First of all, when he retired, she wanted to open classes to help students by & # 39 , I'm sorry for Vietnam, as a writing. I have a knowledge, and helps children enjoy. In the second place, she's old but still healthy for attending children, attending Third, four years ago, after giving her a charity donation, she was honored to talk about this class style style for about 60 CEOs, company leaders from Ho Chi Minh Town. At that time, she was very pleased with her a keen interest in her saying. When they left, she decided to give her the name Happiness for her class. "

Also, blackboard, white chalk, classrooms are available every morning, afternoon, but in a small corner of boundary boundaries, there is a happy teacher and happy children in the classroom. known as Happiness.

Getting up from the "sidewalk"

There are classes for disadvantaged and disadvantaged children, lottery tickets, inside Tran Boc Co secondary school (Area 5, HCMC) the character in the room paper on it; platform. That's the Bui Ngoc Tu ticket salesman.

May, 2017, Newspaper Thanh Nien There is an article about the "classroom" especially on the street. The story is about two people called Tu: Le Ha Tu (27 years, Ho Chi Minh City) and Bui Ngoc Tu (9 years old, from Hue City). He is a banker and the girl who sells lottery tickets has ever been a? going to school. The sad situation, Ngoc Tu includes the whole family from the Hue tickets lot to Ho Chi Minh City. Staffing in Binh Duong, Tu Tu and her grandmother stayed in her home to make life. And a "teacher" Ha Tu during lunchtimes, often sitting a coffee-house side in front of a headquarters; bank, where he worked. See Your You, talk gradually and then know, find It You're not literate. From there, he will teach Tu Tu at lunchtime. For many months, the "classroom" went backwards despite sun or water.

After that, the 5-party delegation supported your children to learn at Tran Boi Junior High School. Every time after ticket sales the child returns to her class in time. Homework is always ready. You are learning to read and progress quickly.

One day, standing by Le Ha Tu outside the classroom, we saw his sad eyes. "The parade classes have gone away, but you have made a better class. In a way, the girl is a happy student," said Thu.

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