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Olympic Championship Distribution & May not be # 39; they received only 1 medal at the FINA World Cup in Singapore, but the fastest 23-year-old National 2 recordings that were on the final day of the competition to stimulate something at home.

Unfruitful and under-trained training, the old Texas Longhorn 4th finished in the 100m flight on day 1, and preserved a period of 51.05. But at the end of last night of 50m men, it was launched on a podium with bronze, and set up a new Singaporeian stage in the & # 39; process.

After the first time to & # 39; Breach of the National Recorder with a morning swim of 22.76, sent a & # 39; cut off from 36 more to capture a new mark of 22.40 on the way to third place in the final after Russia Vlad Morozov (22.17) and Michael Ameireagaidh (22.32). He is now the 5th in the world in the event.

2 Chad
RSA 22.09 09/30
3 Vladimir
RUS 22.17 11/17
4 Michael
United States 22.32 11/17
5 Joseph
SGP 22.40 11/17

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Then in the final night race, a mixed 4 x 50m relay, the Singapore Team removed by Schools with a support division of 24.08 to guide them. That time passed over the previous NR of 24.56 Quah Zheng Wen from 2014. Singapore's specialist ended in the second place behind Australia in the & # 39; mixed group tonight.

Out of his experience he & she; Swim behind his country, Nursery said, "(Principal National Training Officer), Gary (Tan) asked me to do the support. I said if it's 50m and a short course, I was there.

"There are short course wells about underwater (work). I knew that swimming was not as good as my water under the sea and so my underwater gave me that race and I am pleased to have won a base for Singapore.

"Zheng has a better supporter than me. If he returned from the United States and his case, he might have been there. A new national record in the backbone, I do not know what I say but it's really great. It's a new situation and I enjoy it. " (The Straits Times)

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