Sci-Fi: Scientists want to build a room within the asteroid


Well: Anyaero

Interesting inspiration to the university scientists in nearby Vienna – has been formulated to the distance to a room station and excavating it outdoors.

Many spectators have a dream about going to a & # 39; Excavating the asteroid, but it's difficult to dig microgravity. The energy of the asteroid will be removed. Without a major reason why scientists want to go to; Introducing inner sparrows. However, there are many reasons and queries that may be the same as the same attempt as a # 39; asteroid breaking.

Scientists do not know if room station tunnel can excavate; weaken the asteroid in a way to break the arrest. It is also possible to stop spreading lengths & # 39; the tunnel tried to dig up. And if it's difficult to dig into the asteroid fracture, it would not bring inside the same problems in the first place?

The best type of asteroid for a station business place is …

… a strong rock that moves several times per minute. According to Vienna scientists, such an asteroid would be powerful enough for the miners to have a space kicking. "If we found an asteroid sufficiently stable, we would not need any aluminum walls or anything like it. We just used to use the asteroid as the space station," says Thomas Maindl, one of the sciences working on research.

"The end between science and fiction is a little unhappy in this case. I feel we need to wait for 20 years to digest the asteroid, not to be still at the station, " he said.

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