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Speaking from the US, Sibanda confirmed that the exhibitions were not on the profits expected.

"We have our missing documents. We have a huge working relationship with Mugaba and I can prove that we need it, not on the other side," said Sibanda.

According to documents that show the result of ticket sales, the amount of income that was realized was completed; to come.

At the Mutare exhibition, held on 21 December, 600 tickets were issued and 442 were sold at a value of $ 8 924, while the costs were, and # 39; including a Nyasha sound system at $ 5 000, which stands at $ 9 370, leaving a loss of $ 446.

At the show held at Hideout Club on New Year's Eve, only 356 of the tickets sold were sold, and the total income show of $ 3 065 (bond ), US $ 150 and R500, and does not; shows the expenses expired.

From the Kadoma exhibition, a total income of $ 1 935 (bann), US $ 893 and R500 was achieved and the document does not show the costs, and in Bulawayo, there were fewer The 200 people attended the exhibition held at the Big Town Hall.

There has been a store near the developments, due to the failure of their visit to attract large numbers, and the subsequent decision to reduce ticket prices, it has been spent on spending.

After promising to pay for a Mapfumo place in Harare, Mugaba has signed the name of a debt document that is seen by the Style Standard.

In the document, Mugabe promises to pay $ 1 980 by 12 February to Patricia Gunda "in terms of a charter for the hire and use of buildings" and has been in a position; Mercedes Benz Atego 815 to Gunda truck is conveyed.

Another document from Click and Pay, a ticket-selling company, is & # 39; show that they have sold $ 8 338 tickets against their operating costs of $ 18,990,97, and are around £ 10,000.

"There were not very financial issues and at some points Mukanya fans needed to split for some of the things that must be provided," said a store.

Sibanda said he had been aware that the shows did not attract the numbers they did; It was necessary, largely due to the economic problems that the country was passing through, recommended that the tour be deferred, but Mukanya said that the exhibitions had to continue.

Sources said, because the trip was going to; failed to return, Chiromo returned.

Chiromo's manager Mapfumo since the early 2000s when the musician left to the United States.

According to sources, Chiromo, who resided in Zimbabwe, managed the Mapfumo buildings and business, and including the controversial case of the Mapfumo five vehicle damaged by police in 2000.

The two statements had declined and at that time, Mukanya was opposed to Chiromo that they were oppose the lawyer's power to sell the Mt Pleasant Mapfumo house.

However, in a Friday interview, Mapfumo said that the one who asked Chirome was to sell the house.

Stores indicated that Chiromo was unhappy about how she was fired by Mapfumo, and he thought that Vava and Sibanda, who took over the Mapfumo administration, were behind him.

"As Mukanya failed to miss the losses made at the shows, Chiromo was one of the people who came from behind the picture and defeated Mukanya out at Vava and Mugaba, "said the source.

However, Chiromo said he was not involved in what was happening. He said on the day Mapfumo gave their interview, they had a meeting at Harare Town House "on other issues and we wanted to go for a dinner and so Mapfumo wanted to go to the newspaper.

"I would not drive to deny where he wanted to go. I do not need anything from Mapfumo, I worked with him on large projects. I have more things to do than I have done in small cells. I warned Mapfumo that their exhibitions were being implemented and that they were a big banner they should not do these. "

Mapfobo confirmed that he was working with the manager; Previously, the old musician said that he was not related to his music.

"Cuthbert is someone we work together but in a different capacity. It's someone who just helps us, but it's not related to music," said Mapfumo.

Speaking about Sibanda's leader status, Mapfumo said: "I have still talked to Austin because he's back in the United States. I would only talk to him when I return to the USA. "

Mugaba said the results did not appear as expected.

"From my side, I have met all my responsibilities. I feel like a mechanic that does not understand the regulatory side of the events, and I understand that people who are surrounded and I'm influencing how he is a member of his original band. I was surprised that many people went there in the Glenmarn house where we were there. , renting him, some were now going, with some even living there, "said Mugaba.

"I love Mapfumo, mudhara wedu [he is our old man]Post-Remember when it came to April, we did show it and paid it $ 55,000 in hard cash, so there's no way to put it a dye, why do I do that?

"It was the arrangement that the exhibitions would pay for themselves, and it did not happen as expected due to the economic problems in the country. At one dinner I suggested also that they would not be fulfilled, would understand that it would be lost, but Mudhara said, "said Mugaba.

Mugaba said he updated the entire Mapfumo management on essential payment that would have to be made to service providers.

"Arrangements were in most payments to service providers as we expected to pay after the money from the show, but it did not happen like So, and so I'm worthwhile, and I'm making payment efforts. "

This story was first published on Standard 10 February 2019

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