Science already understands what to do; happening in a zombie attacking her & her; planet


Over the years, films, series and literature have allowed us to be tough of some awful stories and one out to find out what was amazing: what would happen if the zombies are a real danger to the world? What if a dead virus causes us to & # 39; suffer us and at the same time predators willing to eat anyone who goes over our way? Can we ever get to the awkward, apocalyptic vision?

Although it looks like it's amazing, there were many people who could consider "bad", and # 39; deal with this case. According to a study by Leicester University, England, the opportunities do not have to go to; Zombie support continues to be very low. Indeed, humanity would not last more than 100 days.

The way they came to this decision did not; speak The Dead Walking later in office, but they used the same model used by epidemicists. According to its opinion, 90% of people would have access to a new victim of each day at each unit and it is possible to have a " believed he would only take 20 days for the disease to get involved in a discharged disease, which would not make it impossible.

But it seems that they were not all lost, even in the worst case, that the infants would continue in the world that had been supported and if the zombie attack was made by blood or bite, In 27 years the human population could go back

Anyway, the proposal would always be: Run as long as you can!

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