Science Corner – Past Ultima Thule into Deepest Space


In 10 million years, will any signs of humanity remain on Earth's surface? No one knows It is likely that all the evidence was erased or buried. But some of our technologies should be good, in a good condition, even in 100 million years! These are the spacecraft that we have launched people to explore the external areas of the Solar System. Successful beyond our wild dreams, they have visited the longest planets, going near Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, adds amazing pictures and valuable data.

On 1 January, the New Horizons spearhead moved within 2,200 miles (3,500km) of Ultima Thule. Billion miles longer than Pluto, shows two rock boats, approximately 10 miles away. They were fighting slowly and they were. come together, so it's like a snowman. "Ultima Thule" means "the outside of the world," the name chosen after a public, more poetic vote in 2014 MU69. He is in the great Kuiper belt, with trillions of other stones.

Launched in 2006, New Horizons overseas Pluton in 2015, and travels at 32,000 pounds per hour. At that time he would only give 80 seconds from Chicago to New York!

He took six hours for the Earth to come to Earth from Ultima Thule. The song "New Horizons" by Brian May, the Queen's guitarist and the astrophysicist (how cool it out?), Which was released on January 1st and took six hours to come.

There are two spaceships called Voyagers, which was launched in 1977 and carrying recordings of Earth's sounds (thanks to Carl Sagan) three times further and even faster. But it would take about 6,000 years to reach the nearest star, if they did not. going on that side (they are not). Robots are OK, there are so many people!

Our emergency staff have a good chance of accessing a deep inter-state place, if they do not. falling into something. Beyond the sun from Ultima Thule there are trillions of objects in the Oort Cloud. Some, such as dirty snowbirds, can be greatly promoted in a near sunshine event, and a & # 39; grow woodland.

Much more than the Solar System, the spacecraft will be climbed through a bit of cosmetic ray, and neutrinos are uncertain, dark case and dark energy. At Fermilab nearby, we try to understand that mystery. These are interesting moments that are explored to & # 39; globally, from the fastest fragments to the entire enchilada.

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