«Science Savers» traders will delay 15 days to provide the non-independent material or record at the nearest auction


18 11 2018

The General Commission must remove objects, goods that have not been removed from the customs grounds due to storage fees within 15 days of the date of the report, or on the left others will be brought into the nearest auction.

Consumer customs come after asking questions from customs centers and requests put in place by stakeholders, including the demand for goods and discharge of transportation methods when they are linked to insurance, in respect of outstanding issues to make final decisions available.

The Themes explained that if the trader or the practice agent requesting linking the value of the goods to insurance in the case of the case or in the customs modes, the Subjects will attach directly to value of insured goods.

In addition, no connection is linked to insurance if it is banned goods or taken to the relevant authorities for inspection. The test result was not proven or proven to be exempt or breach of intellectual property rights.

The Customs ask that the customs in the application letters for moving the user actions to ensure that the goods are kept by the user; Or if not, and if the applicant does not apply for the insurance request, it will be officially told by his / her Customs that he has the right to do so until he / she can not do so; case was resolved. Customer keep a list of the service according to the system and the storage money will be measured.

Article 166 of the General Touring System states that its & # 39; Department of sale of goods that are affected by damage, impairment or solution, or in a situation that may affect the safety of other goods and its existing facilities.

The sale can be done on a register that shows its position; goods and reasons for sale without need to wait for court judgment appropriate, length & # 39; The owner of the goods So, if this provision is subsequently withdrawn, and returning the goods to the owner, pay for the price of the goods sold after it to & # 39; Provide any tax or obligation that may be.

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