Science says: there are only women who are very positive


Did you know that there is a very rare and rare feature that identifies women who are very interesting? Analysis has been made to confirm this and if you can not think about what it is about, read it.

Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Chicago Nicholas Epley has examined anthropomorphism for years, and his / her process to behave; gives human features to species or other objects and has made its findings in the Mindwise book: how we understand what others think, and, Believe, They feel and want. The professor proves: Historically, anthropomorphization is considered to be a sign of a child or a child, but in reality it is a movement that is a child; turning people into the most prestigious species on planet.

The human brain is recorded for other insights to communicate and tend to be recognized in other scenes with the ability to face it. For this reason, he wants to establish sympathy and connections with the animals, and speak to them as if they are not. they can respond. The means of trying to determine who can be a friend or a national or a risk, for example, can be found. appears as a custom adopted after centuries of development.

They have also grown with us. Dogs have learned to manipulate some of the human language skills just like anyone else, to be able to identify some of our words and, indeed, their reasons and movements. A study published in the Current Biology magazine has been deciding, by & # 39; Ending the knowledge of Nicholas Epley, that animal information is the same as human beings at many times, and that pets can prepare people in a similar way. what we use

So he does not talk to your dog without need or oo. That is, instead, a brain response that indicates a higher understanding.

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