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In front of British Channel 4's main office, middle-level mothers collect their hands with a black-and-white photograph by Michael Jackson. The pop star's mouth is covered with a yellow stripe, which may be interpreted as a bleak tape, with the text: innocent. The exhibition by Jackson Jackson's Facebook Group at Jackson Jackson was unveiled as a starting point for a long complaint line. The aim is to stop the documentary on Leaving Neverland, produced by HBO and Channel 4, from the pedophilia and child sexual abuse for years to come.

Indeed, the Channel 4 documentary was published and saw at least two million. A similar campaign like this for Jackson on the double-decker buses in London was also to be seen, and community-funded advertisements show that the facts are not lying, but people (say, pedophilia Michael Jackson is) t that is. The interesting campaign from being able to ask questions in no way is not on the documentary submissions, but instead t

blind fans cannot bear the truth.

Because of the reactions, their objection was prohibited. Rather than crossing Jackson's innocence in public debate, the fans themselves, their holiness and their feelings, were spread. The articles which deal with them look more open to the question of whether these people are perceived as the norm, because they look at their face and even their name by going t right to protect a sick and guilty person.


Best picture of Michael Jackson / Twitter

Drinking elixir

But their behavior is not amazing: they don't protect Michael Jackson, but their own ideas. A broken Jacko fan in Wired said: t

He was us; there. And because we were, I didn't want to see it [a Leaving Neverland filmet]. I thought there was a room somewhere, apart from reason and logic, and I kept Michael Jackson there. I wanted to protect this room. I had to defend it. For myself. That's what we do with the people we love, who don't? We stand by our side, side by side, protecting us from our promise.

When the follower was still watching the film and sent a message to a supporter, he chose to deny and deny: "I don't see Michael. It is just" he says. dead, he replied, refusing to do more. They may have been accustomed to defending their opposition to Patrick's bagpipes, since they have appeared. since 1993, most recently in 2005. It is more likely that the most powerful supporters would have been away from the islands before the scandal.

Perhaps the wild battle in the soul of the sufferer has been marked by the fact that he has not been the first attempt to rescue Jackson from a sexual herd, but that he has to t feel firm or unconscious. In his own eyes, Jackson was the god in the 1980s, at the top of his job. It was a remarkable phenomenon and their hypnotic abilities were greatly enhanced by his death. They saw talent born just once in a generation, to whom his love was hate, their supporters were not just about being close to him, but they wanted to speed up with him in every respect. As he writes, he was "a scary and unpleasant shame of love and musical generosity".

He and many thousands or even millions of companions would have to face the documentary that Michael Jackson was the evil man. Not everyone can handle the trauma. Twitter had been flooded with #MJInnocent bombs immediately, and fans were not allowed to comply with community media but burnt by Jackson's estate, the Jackson estate heritage company, for obvious business reasons. All of this can be extraordinary for the inhuman viewer. For the most part, new evidence about his activity – especially where he is no longer alive – has not removed the photograph he created, and then fell apart. So the film is for them, despite Jackson's personality, for it shows how fans are capable of being

believe all their reasonable senses in an elbow, and let their children comply with their first word, giving them the opportunity to become involved in the world.

For them, however, the film itself can be disappointing and enduring, the inverse time of recognizing its holiness. Possibly these days they are asking themselves again how they had been confident in a mere determination of the videos or concerts, in the last few decades. however.

With its low esteem

Indeed, there is nothing odd about this invasion, because it is an essential element of human nature that we can think that we are reasonable and sensible, we can reason rationality for almost anything, be it. sports club, actor or singer. He is serving the most basic needs of the psyche.

Since the establishment of human communities, people have always created a detailed identity for themselves. They offered a way of life, the world, and the unique versions of themselves which they wanted. Their passion for social exclusion is due to certain aspirations. And the main strength behind is relieving loneliness

He answered Lilla Koltói, a professor in the Department of Social Psychology and Intercultural Psychology at the Károli Gaspap University, which is researching psychological methodologies of her students.

Not only are young people, but pensioners, able to follow something that gives them social relationships. The theme of commitment encompasses all the aspirations, the best it is, which is needed from fans' self-esteem. Famous people are now successful, many people talk about them, they are famous and famous, and supporters think it the same as their main duty.

Lilla Koltói said that those with low self-esteem may be more easily lit. Almost everyone "wants to know the dance" and get that lifestyle, in real-life situations, the status the star appears – outside the personality of the person. starring and talented talent.

There is a feeling about most about belonging to the community.

Pop stars are obsessed with most teenagers. This time happens at the same time as puberty, finding communities where we share our common interest and mind. All of this work is fully praised, as a member of a community around an star, one gets everything he can lose in life: an attachment, knowing others, t and details of healthy, better lives (not just the star, but with the fan dealing with it, it may feel that it is a part of it).

Parasitic relationship

We should not assume that the commitment (unless it goes through an elaborate threshold) is very serious for the fan. For example it can be a source of creation. In most cases, the fan is not ready for the world in which his loyalty to his stacks can be fulfilled, but he must step up in stages. At the same time, he does some creative work, even if it is a society, and may not even consider it. According to some theories, obedience can be an effective misuse of disruption and loneliness as it gives the supporter its aim (be it senseless to those outside the supporters' circle). ). Finally, it can also promote real human relationships. While the resilient passion can eventually damage individuals' personal relationships, it may be separate from its experts who do not share their work, and many people become familiar with people. – collections of support staff have similar interests.

“Some of the elements are similar to the true characteristics of love and social relationships between people, but the other parts are different from each other,” Lilla Koltói argues – The relationship looks like a relative t at the same time, the whole deceitful conceit, which we call a parasitic relationship, is the one-sided relationship, not returning from the star, it's very sure that the theme of admiration means that the fan is not there, but the fan keeps the life of the star as it would have been directed to him – Twitter posts say that they are chatting to him personally, the star answers his wishes and behaves like a spiritual companion. ”

Maybe you think the world is hit when supporters are so complicated find out that it is a monster. However, in most cases this is not true. According to the psychologist, the publication often affects another, that is, the follower changing the truth, getting another explanation for what is different, and starting be more aware of what it is in before. You feel that you need to protect your pet from attack. According to Billboard, sales of Michael Jackson's recordings increased 10 per cent after Neverland left.

The following follows a similar philosophy when telling his sweetheart that his companion is chewing.

Often this information would weaken the relationship of his relationship, but he does not believe him and, rather than turn against the ones who draw attention, that he is lit in a deceit – Lilla Koltói. "We can stand firmly on our view, it will not really leave fans from Michael Jackson as a result of the film."

How the work and creator are independent

Do we have to delete a singer's work from the past because it has been doing something particularly doing taking away his private life? Can you choose the work creator's personality and personality? Today, there are many radio stations around the world (such as BBC Radio 2) and many other players in the entertainment industry (such as creators of the Simpson family cartoon or the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team) on the station. from Jackson they are promising to sing more songs now. or do anything with it. Others are in danger if this is correct – but, of course, with a warning, as everyone is afraid to get a pedophile supporter's stamp. If we get a little bit of Michael Jackson, t

it is not difficult to record the artists that there could be a mystery

You might not even even; and their greatest fan base of their art as moral models for their children. However, the people who held their jobs were regarded as the biggest before the scandal began to influence the personality, after their progress, to return to distinguished works of art, music or song. T virtually without literature. In this respect, the behavior of fans and non-partial viewers can be entirely different, but in the right way just as most of us would think. The follower cannot separate the features of the work from the author's personality. On the other hand, the talented artist of the arts has little interest in the artist's inquisitive morals, the idea that it might be dangerous on key social issues and is aware of the work itself.

Looking at the history of humanity, we can decide that most of the work cannot be separated from the artist's personality to a majority of people. And not only do viewers look at the situation, but also accept the artist's entire personality. For them, stars are not just about the achievement of the stars, but they also provide a model for how they might stay with fans.

In fact, this does not mean that anyone who is following Michael Jackson's example will become a painter,

but actual followers are unable to separate the work between the artist and the artist. For a while now, it will be obvious that he connects Jackson's associates with all the non-partisers with pedophilia. But as the years go by, generations will have only one voice for homesickness, who will have no opinion, and will judge whether their numbers are equal. for a taste – Lilla Koltói.

(Narrator for books: Michael Jackson in 1993. Picture: Str / AFP)

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