Science scientists generate energy from «Wi-Fi»


Science scientists generate energy from «Wi-Fi»

Wednesday, 24 Jumada I 1440 AH – 30 January 2019 AD Number No [

London: Middle East

A team of scientists have succeeded in a huge jump that enabled them to bring radio signals into energy. This search allows mobile phones and other battery-operated devices, as well as opening new ways of using clear technologies. United States scientists have been able to develop a machine called Rectina, a half-eye of some of the colors. Through the device, Wi-Fi features are detected by a sensor that is connected to the device converted into a constant and suited way for electronic circuits.
The device can be used to provide power, without the need for battery for smartphones and laptop computers, medical devices and movement technologies, according to a team led by American scientists.
"This new device has a huge impact on the future of e-mail," said the science. "What if we've been to develop electronic systems that would make it a bridge connection or full track cover, or walls on our offices, and distribute them all electronic information, "said Professor Tomas Palacios, director of the Mini Systems Technology Technology Center. About us? And how can these electronic materials be capable of being energized? "According to" The Independent »British newspaper.
"We have been successful in designing a new way of providing electronic power with energy to empower Wi-Fi in a way that can be easily integrated into large areas, to inform to all things around us. "
During the exams, Rectena worked about 40 megawatts of power when it was open to normal Wi-Fi features of about 150 megawatts. This is a level of energy that is enough to increase simple mobile display lights or silicone shields. The research was published in the latest journal on the magazine from Nature magazine.
On his part, Spanish, Professor Jesus Jesus Gargalal, at the Technical University of Madrid, who participated in the research, said that one of the basic requests can come into the bone and "disk "which provides health information after swallowing patients.

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