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Time: 2018-12-10 16:27

The rhetoric experts said the best game in 2018 will go through the 12th and the site by the 16th. If the weather is good, the vision is high enough, and the people with an interest in China With a small telescope, you can see it.

It is a small square body; sockets in the solar system. Ice water is a key part. Most of the shapes are weak and clear enough to be seen with the bare eyes. According to rhetoric data, the comet is numbered 46p / Wirtanen. Comedy Musu is a small short comet. It is often affected by Jupiter's landscape and changes its orbit when it works.

According to rhetoric data, on January 17, 1948, find American scientists found this comedy in a movie film. The comet was once a target of the "Rosetta" European Spas. Later on, due to the loss of the lost equipment, it was finally abandoned, and the force sent "Rosetta" successfully launched another comet.

Shi Zhicheng, a member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and a member of the Tianjin Regiment Company, said the 46p comedy was passing on; Everyday piece on the 12th, and the nearest 16th place, only 0.078 scientific units from the ground, which are 11.62 million kilometers, this is the comet for 70 years. The closest to Earth since it was found.

"This comet is very suitable for viewing in the northern hemisphere, but because its size is not large, the light is not too high, it is estimated that it is about 3 , which is not long from the Taurus comet group, the controversy problem is still small. " Shi Zhicheng's advice It is said that in the late mid-December is a good time to keep track of her. chomet 46p. "At 9:00 a.m. every night, Taurus runs south east, and the Pleiades group is very appealing. Celebrities interested in preparing a small telescope can be found in advance and found near This beautiful band. A secret beauty of this comet with a tail. If the obvious vision is good enough, its comet can not be found with the stunning eye. "

(Editor: Wei Xiaohang)

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