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A group of researchers have been guided to develop global antibodies so they can protect human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), The yesterday which enables the development of a vaccine that prevents the spread of illness, they reported on the special media.

The discovery is the work of a group of scientists at the Institute Human Vaccine Institute, which will publish the results in the Immunity magazine.

The study, led by a medical doctor Mattia Bonsignori, offers a solution to one of the key problems when it comes to & # 39; oppose this virus: craft skills, which allows them to disable the protection that was developed by a human protection system.

This virus behavior also makes it particularly difficult to establish a common behavioral pattern in all cases, which impedes general treatment development.

The work of this group of researchers has marked part of these guides, and # 39; Analyzing the depth of development antibodies of VRC01 change.

For years scientists have considered that this family of antibodies could be a key part of the development of a vaccine for Ability to protect most of HIV.

"There are many surveys of these antibodies, but so far it has not been back to the beginning, for the ignorant ancestors – the source, because it was too hard to go back in order as a result of the a lot of things, segregation and changes, "explained Bonsignori.

The new study has been successful in removing the original VRC01 series and reconstruction, which has been made as one of the broadest specialized antibodies.

"That's where we all got involved. We knew we would be on the right road," said the doctor, who can not tell us how we would improve the original antibodies.


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