Scientists agree that we need to remove maps from Mars and bring the land to the ground


We have many questions about the Red Planet, and in order to answer them we need to collect examples from the surface of Mars, and then return it to Earth to be inspected. By doing that, we might learn more about the planet and estimate whether life on Mars is indeed.

We need to take Mars samples and take them to Earth

With over 70 authors from across the world, a new magazine comes with a plan and some suggestions on how to answer the biggest questions about Mars. They also had questions about the origins of Mars.

They said that we could only understand Mars if we use remote sensitivity, such as moving forward or moving forward. Chris Herd, a geologist, said we must collect and collect the specimens from Mars.

These proposals are a guide to those experts involved in the Mars 2020 mission, which aims to use a sieve to sample and invest a sample after the jetty on the surface of the Red Planet spring 2021. After this, the plan is to get the samples to the Earth and begins the investigation. But this money is not yet secure funding.

Why is it important to get samples from Mars to Earth?

The mission from 2020 will allow them to collect samples from anywhere they want, allowing them to select the context for their collected rocks, such as the site, and their surrounding features.

By returning specimens from Mars in this situation, it's because we can get a gold ticket from the search of Mars. It is essential that they provide examples to the Land. Currently, University of Alberta has over 1800 samples and more than 275 meteorites.

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