Scientists believe they know where a darker world life case has been in the hiding – BGR


Most of them are in the # 39; globally made up of a kind of unprecedented case ever. It is called a "dark case" and, despite being very awkward, it's very difficult to learn. Ten years ago calculations suggest that there are more dark cases about younger galaries than the old ones from the early days of the world, but then did the dark things we see today? A new study offers the answer.

Recent research has suggested that diseases we see are almost harder than those that are very long. Further away, galaxy is back in the moment we look effectively, and scientists thought nothing was so dark around them. As it appears, it is not that.

Having investigated around 1,500 galaxies, researchers led by Alfred Tiley of Durham University have confirmed that the huge sums around the great collections of star and planets are about how he was ever.

Avoiding a dark case around galaxy can be difficult but it's made easier by doing it; Count the hardest impact of his & # 39; around it. We can not see a dark case in the space because it does not. shows light, but it still presents an important, just as a "normal" case. By describing the size of galaxy and the distance at which the stars have on their borders; Moving, scientists can work out the darker topic that falls on the edges.

This latest research trip, contributed the same formula to many hundred young and old galaxies. The sciences now believe that there are not many of them; A difference between the dark sum about ancient galaxies compared to younger ones.

However, as is Life Science statements, their community of rheology is not completely aboard with this new product. Her query was used on her & # 39; Module used by Tiley and its team, especially because it is related to a range of asthma galax that has been examined by others who are experiencing a " looking for a dark case.

We need to wait and see how everything is done but the results are very interesting and there is no doubt about it; talk about the dark world case.

Image Source: NASA

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