Scientists can find out, & # 39; Thanks to ALMA, the signals that create the planets Technology


Find scientists thanks to the special installation Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) The symptoms disappear with the creation of the planets.

Three Chile's radiologists participated in the international research, each of them members of the CATA Excellence Center in Applied Sciences and Technologies. Found 20 analyzes in the areas that created Ophiuchus and Lupus.

"Thanks to ALMA's amazing betting, we'll see stars that make their planets in their first phase of life quickly. In addition, thanks to the data obtained, we could be clear that this process is being done; leaving marks "Laura Pérez, reulologist at the Department of Corporate Delegation and Mathematics of the University of Chile.

The most common search was found "the rings and an inconsistent level and tough arms". In particular, Pérez examined a record that "showed that her nearest to the star was unimportant in terms of the snow outdoors, which would be expected to be in a position; happen only in a big planet, something like Jupiter's 10 times. "

Another one of the results was explained Nicolás Troncoso, a Magister student in Sciences that mentions FCFM Astronomy of the University of Chile.

"When the stars are born, and the planets come around, the interaction with bold partners can have a strong impact on the birth of the planets," he said.

"We got the chance to see that interaction for the first time, and we found out that the stars are disturbing each other and their protoplanetary discs, and # 39; the exchange of materials and spirals of the size of the Big Sociator, "added by the young scientist.

Work a lot

In order to achieve this research, over 65 hours of consideration of ALMA, there were 17 sealed scientists and support from 5 countries, creating 10 different scientific publications that were published in a special edition of the scientific period Astrophysical Journal Letters.

"Since we got the data we were working over 6 months without recording, managing the impact of the atmosphere, creating the highest possible images, and the then they are explored. We will always live in mathematical modules, we will identify the structures that appear in the disk of these young stars. The acquisition of this type of information was essential for comparison with theoretical symbols, and so on. Understand what physical processes are happening in the discs "Troncoso explained.

The sciences agree that this product allows us to be able to; Introducing that the larger planets, with dimensions and shapes similar to those of Neptune or Saturn, are rapidly; indeed, much faster than the current and present theories. They are also likely to come inside their solar systems, far from their guest star

The next step

For Viviana Guzmán, an Academic at the Astrophysics Institute at the Catholic University of Chile and the author of one of the papers in this research, the next step is "to monitor the gaseous form of these protoplanetary messages. We have a mass of 130 hours of study, in which we are going to map the spread of organic bulbs (in which Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen), and # 39; which allows us to analyze the original chemical origins of those planetary systems. The reduction of data, analysis and writing papers should be about 6 months.

For more information about the search, review the original statement published by ALMA, you can access this link.

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