Scientists confirm that brain mass is reduced by these factors


They have justified what contributes to vascular damage and exacerbates the blood pressure of the central nervous system.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh in the UK found that smoking, compulsion, obesity and diabetes practices cause the brain to get older and reduce its measurement.

Based on the study, published in the European Heart Journal, the 9,772 volunteers aged 44 to 79 years saw the profile of magical imagery to find connections between the different parts of the brain with the seven factors that add to it. damage to blood vessels and blood supply to the central nervous system.

Among the factors noted, the researchers referred to smoking, high blood pressure, high pulse weight, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, according to the body mass of the body ( BMI) and mid-to-waist ratio. hip

The strongest links were found in areas of the brain that depend on our more complex thinking skills and which worsen due to the development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

I assume that everything except high cholesterol, especially smoking, blood pressure and diabetes, will reduce the amount of green. Similarly, the volume of the brain decreased and the condition of spring declined dramatically. This relationship was evident in most cases in middle age.

The study has shown that there has been a reduction in brain level of 3% compared with a general fever, and a higher proportion of white blood.
(Source: RT)

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