Scientists find a new type of search; Imnet enables you to develop data storage technology


A team of physicians from the New York University has discovered a new type of device that is different from anyone else who is known. It's a "magnet-singlet-based" feature found in the uranium and antimony shapes known as USb2, and because of it; that it can change between magnetized and accurate states quickly and easily, it is possible to develop the ability to store data in computers.

In normal magnets, a magnetic force will be created when electrons, which have their own field fields appear in random order, and # 39; join alignment, continuing to one powerful range together. The sciences found that the electrons in the USb2 are capable of creating "spin excitons", or specific crannogs that can be created and created; create a magnetic reconciliation range when they are compiled, or magnetically based on singlet.

With the recent publication of the magazine Natural Communications, the physics have shown that string-based magnets can be in permanent environments, outside of the experimental situations where they were previously examined in rapid splitting.

When it comes to how these magnets can develop computers and data storage, NYU's researcher, Andrew Wray, has a & # 39; explains:

"There is a lot of research today that uses magnets and magnetism to develop data storage technologies. The caps should be based on single clutter between magnetic and non-managerial levels. You do not have to So much so that the material can be dispersed between non-magnetic and strong states, which may be beneficial for power consumption and changing distance in the middle of the line. inside a computer. "

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