Scientists find an unusual bird


Ученые нашли необычную птицуA unique bird was found – two different types

American scientists have found unusual komyshivka. Studies have shown that a mother's bird is two-dimensional, and the father represents a third species of these birds.

Pensilvansky birdologist Lowell Burkett (USA) could have been the unusual bird video year. It is not possible for a specialist to determine which bird was there; , because she seemed like a plum like a song-like Golden-winged and blue-winged benackova song. After anecdotes about the unusual search, other experts also wanted to link to the survey and created a complete body of scientists.

It is known that the watchmen asked the bird to be recovered. They examined blood samples for comparison. When analyzed, it was recognized that the assumptions on experts were proven – this unusual bird was especially the three types.

The fact is that there are two types of the three distinct types and are based for the first time. However, there is a reason for concern: this can show a lack of appropriate participants in the # 39; an outdoor battle, which causes birds to be with other species, confirming previous comments about reducing numbers of penaskovic song singer Golden-winged wing in the heart of the Appalachian mountains (USA).

It is known that some types of birds grow fertile and are capable of breeding, and they are detected; His mother has doubled the double dye. However, it is not known whether it is a tri-time diesel for reconstruction. Spectators are going to & # 39; Watching the bird, to find out if it is independent, or be able to tie and evaluate eggs.

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