Scientists have created a special device for eye treatment


Ученые изобрели уникальное устройство для лечения глазExperts have created a small spirit that will give the medicine into the weeds

Scientists have developed a small spirit that provides the correct medication on target, and writes the with a description of Aspects

Modern treatments on eye diseases such as diabetes macular glaucoma or edema based on direct cuts or eye split. These methods are effective, but are not sure: the drug is often covered with full eye.

The researchers used three-dimensional nanoscale printing to create a spirit of artificial robots enough to go through a similar gel-like object called vitreous, which is a big part of the eyebrow. The researchers included mechanical robots and slippery materials to stimulate the microrobot through the eyes of using a magnetic field.

The researchers then collected a pig-out of the market house and put in all the solutions that are around 10,000 bots, and then put them into a magnetic field to encourage bottles to the retina in behind the eye. Tomography has shown that the microrobots have succeeded in the retina in less than 30 minutes – about 10 times faster than the pieces of the same size varying through the eyes.

This technology is still far from clinical trials. Initially, researchers should look at the role of a shot in the eyes of live animals before they can start testing people. Then they need to be incoming with new, safe, easy-to-banned material for microrobots, which is currently made by Nickel. Once that is, scientists will be able to. testing of new technology in humans.

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