Scientists have discovered how on Earth did the water


Ученые выяснили, как на Земле появилась вода

This substance is the Foundation, without which life on earth could not arise. And that's where it came from, experts still argue.

Scientists have put forward a new theory for the origin on Earth of water. It differs significantly from those previously proposed.

According to the new version, it could occur not only from asteroids, but also from the gas remaining after the formation of the Sun.

Initially it was thought that the water on Earth has been brought by asteroids with the isotopic content of hydrogen. Then when experts researched the earth's mantle, they found the concentration of noble gases: neon and helium.

After that, it took the development of new theoretical models. She testified that before he was a dissipation of the solar nebula, large asteroids has already begun the process of converting into an independent planet.

They often faced each other, which led to their growth. The consequence of this was that the energy of one of the asteroids has led to the melting of the surface of another.

There Land, which was previously covered with oceans of molten rock. Easy hydrogen fell to the earth's core. Between the mantle and the crust gradually formed a remnant, very rich in deuterium.

New studies can provide substantial assistance to retrieve valuable information about how evolved other space bodies, and about whether it is possible for their lives.


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